Danny shippen

It’s a running joke amongst Psi U brothers that you can’t hang out withDanny Shippen for an entire day without him running into a friend on or off campus. It’s frankly not a very funny one because it’s very true. As a fourth year Psychology major with a Commerce minor, his network reaches wide and every one of those connections seem very happy to see him, whenever and wherever.

Chances are very high that you’ll have a conversation with this guy at some point, and we’ve yet to find someone with something negative to say about Danny. Almost every brother has an anecdote of him which points to how genuinely nice he is and his impeccable ability to make you feel better about yourself after a casual conversation. Danny embodies what Psi U is all about: genuine brotherhood. He represented the only Canadian chapter at our international Psi U convention over the summer and he takes pride in contributing to Psi U as as an executive officer for an organization made up of quality gentlemen.

We really hope you get a chance to ask Danny about his summer experiences of travelling through Montana and mentoring kids as a counselor at a camp he used to attend as a kid himself. One conversation with this guy is all you need to have a good idea of what Psi U stands for.