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Featured Brothers


Featured Brothers


viktor dojnov

Viktor Dojnov's experience with UBC Fraternities was never supposed to happen. He never intended to join a fraternity and literally walked in without knowing a thing about us or the Greek System itself. Seeing the buzz of First Rush he walked in to see what it was all about, and eventually made his way to house number 7. Just a few conversations later, he knew he was here to stay. Fast forward a couple years, and here he is, our Senior Social Officer, crafting so many enjoyable moments for our brothers.

Another unexpected development for Viktor was when he realized last year that being a traditional engineer was not fulfilling enough and decided to pursue his lifelong passion of one day becoming an entrepreneur. As a second year Mining Engineer at the time without much exposure to business education, he was frankly worried that his intentions may be met with a lot of discouragement. To his pleasant surprise, our brothers whole-heartedly encouraged his ambitious gamble on himself, and even went on to introduce him to conferences and networking events that would position him well on his track to actualize his ventures.

Viktor's constantly amazed by Psi U's active social environment. Whether it's to take a road trip down to Seattle to party hard with our brothers at the University of Washington chapter at their mansion, or whether it's to hole up in a library to crank out some productive studying time, there's always an abundance of brothers ready to join him. Psi Upsilon has always been a place that had his best interest in mind and gave him opportunities to grow. Chat up Viktor about the benefits he's enjoyed from joining Psi U tonight during our Second Rush! Our doors will be open until 10:00pm, and we invite you to come and meet our brothers and enjoy the gourmet food prepared by our chef, Ron.

Lorenzo Lindo

Lorenzo Lindo


lorenzo lindo

Lorenzo Lindo is always on the move. Whether it’s rushing to UBC Men's and Women's Wrestling Club practice, running to one of many AMS committee meetings, or figuring out better ways to connect Science students together as the UBC Science Undergraduate Society's Director of Marketing, Lorenzo’s one busy guy. So how did we convince this accomplished guy to commit to our brotherhood? Easy. We didn’t have to.

"As someone who is heavily involved in many different organizations on campus, I knew that joining a fraternity would mean I would have to add yet another set of tasks and commitments to my already stretched schedule. At first, I was honestly a little worried that I would have absolutely no time for myself, but I was relieved to find out that our guys were very understanding of my schedule and let me do my thing. Also, when I can be 100% myself around just about anyone in the brotherhood, I never really felt like I was losing any free time to the fraternity.”

In addition to his excellence in academics and student leadership, Lorenzo takes pride in his professional track record. This past summer, he was hired for a research position in the Emergency Department at the BC Children’s Hospital. He found his work to be truly fulfilling, despite the difficult nature of his position.

As a well connected leader in both local and student communities, Lorenzo’s an extremely well-rounded gentleman and we’re proud to call him our brother. If you’re concerned about time commitments, or how to get involved in student communities, have chat with Lorenzo this upcoming Tuesday at our Second Rush. He’ll be more than happy to share some of his experiences with you to help you get the most out of your UBC experience.

Matt Balisky

Matt Balisky


matt balisky

Let's switch gears to talk about one of our newer and younger brothers who has taken an initiative to be a social leader. The next chapter of Psi U is in good hands with guys like Matt Balisky eager to make an impact. He's an academic stud, killing it as a second year Electrical Engineer. We haven't been able to figure out when he's got the time to create the social network he's got, as he's quickly making a name for himself in the Greek community as Psi U's junior social officer.

Matt really found himself at home in Psi U at his first brothers-exclusive event, the Sweetheart Night. He couldn't believe how close-knit the brotherhood was - a refreshing contrast from all the open fraternity events - and was frankly taken aback by how much Psi U valued loyalty and took good care of its own. As Junior Social, his goal is to share the fun times to be had at Psi U with as many people as possible, and he's been exceeding all of our expectations so far. 

If you want to know what it's like to be an up and coming member in the greek community, or if you want to hear about his sick summer (check out this drone vid of his fishing trip 200 km from civilization: drop by House #7 on Tuesday Sept 20 for Second Rush! Literally the worst thing that can come out of it is that you have a great conversation with Matt and you enjoy some gourmet finger-food cooked by our resident chef, Ron. Not a bad Tuesday!

Joey Yoo

Joey Yoo

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Curious about how our chapter made vast improvements in the past couple of years? That’s a conversation you should have with our president, Joey Yoo. Joey joined Psi U just as our organization was growing in size and presence. As a 4th year Marketing & Entrepreneurship student in Sauder, he's always thinking one step ahead which is clearly demonstrated in his leadership. Under his guidance, our chapter is now at the pinnacle of its social and philanthropic presence.

What Joey enjoys the most about the Psi U experience is being able to have dinner with all of his brothers every night and have a conversation like a family. This may not seem very exciting, but the luxury of being able to carry a genuine conversation with any brother at any given moment is a quality that is unique to Psi Upsilon. Joey finds value in these "little" moments, like doing buddy curls with his bros on Wednesdays, as they are opportunities for him to mentor junior members, just as his senior brothers had done for him.

If you're curious about what Greek life is all about, you should find Joey tonight at First Rush and hear the exciting visions he has for Psi U. Our doors are open to anyone at 6PM (House #7 - the one with the delicious finger food cooked by our Chef Ron). We've benefited tremendously under Joey's leadership, and we're sure that you'll benefit from a conversation with him tonight!

Danny Shippen

Danny Shippen


Danny shippen

It’s a running joke amongst Psi U brothers that you can’t hang out with Danny Shippen for an entire day without him running into a friend on or off campus. It’s frankly not a very funny one because it’s very true. As a fourth year Psychology major with a Commerce minor, his network reaches wide and every one of those connections seem very happy to see him, whenever and wherever.

Chances are very high that you’ll have a conversation with this guy at some point, and we’ve yet to find someone with something negative to say about Danny. Almost every brother has an anecdote of him which points to how genuinely nice he is and his impeccable ability to make you feel better about yourself after a casual conversation. Danny embodies what Psi U is all about: genuine brotherhood. He represented the only Canadian chapter at our international Psi U convention over the summer and he takes pride in contributing to Psi U as as an executive officer for an organization made up of quality gentlemen.

We really hope you get a chance to ask Danny about his summer experiences of travelling through Montana and mentoring kids as a counselor at a camp he used to attend as a kid himself. One conversation with this guy is all you need to have a good idea of what Psi U stands for.

Michael Wong

Michael Wong


michael wong

If you’re looking to rush Psi U, or you’re just interested in Greek life in general, here’s the man you ought to talk to. Our Rush Chairman, Michael Wong, comes from a very diverse background and has been an essential member since joining the brotherhood in 2013. A gentleman of international prestige, he’ll hold a quality conversation with you in 3 languages, a skill he picked up while growing up in 4 different countries.

This summer he travelled all over Europe and capped it off by completing an internship at a non-profit organization in his hometown, London. He’s got some amazing stories from his trip and internship as well as sound knowledge about what it means to be a Psi U. When asked his first impression of Psi U he said, “I was able to have great conversations with every brother that I met. It was just an incredible, genuine experience that I felt wasn’t replicable anywhere else.”

We highly recommend you have some words with our Rush Chairman, Michael to get the most out of your Rush experience.